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96 Jobs Threatened In Brighton

Friday, December 14, 2012

96 jobs or more to be made redundant by Sodexo at Brighton and Sussex University hospitals trust over coming months.

GMB will do everything possible to protect the jobs of our members at the Trust and in doing so ensure that patients are not put at risk from these ill-conceived planned job cuts.

GMB members employed by Sodexo at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust have been given notice that 96 jobs will be cut in housekeeping, catering, porter staff, retail and grounds maintenance over the coming month. In addition Sodexo will also seek to reduce the contracted hours of the remaining staff and to change job descriptions, roles and rosters. Soxedo is the new private contractor for all soft services at the Trust.

Gary Palmer GMB Organiser said “GMB consider that they will be more than 96 job losses at Sodexo, the new service provider across the Trust.

GMB consider that Sodexo should come clean and admit that, by announcing less than 100 posts to go , they are deliberately trying to avoid their statutory obligation of having to undertake 90 days consultation with the unions. Sodexo know that by seeking to implement unreasonable contract changes, rotas and working practices this will lead to significant numbers of staff having no option but to leave.

Housekeeping staff at the hospital perform an important front line service. GMB is greatly concerned that patient safety will be put at risk by the reduction of staffing levels that Sodexo has proposed.

Staff who remain after the cuts already work incredibly hard maintaining cleanliness throughout hospital wards and public areas. They will find themselves required to cover even larger areas of the hospital and to have to do so on reduced hours.

In addition these cleaners will also be expected to cover the job losses in other areas by having to undertake further duties as well, which conceivable could mean moving from cleaning toilets to assisting with patient food delivery when required.

Sodexo is fully aware that further workers could be forced to leave in addition to those who are made compulsory redundant. This will be a direct result of their hours being reduced to a point of staff simply not being able to afford to stay or from shift patterns being changed and impacting on things such as child care provision.

GMB will do everything possible through on-going discussions with Sodexo to protect the jobs of our members at the Trust and in doing so ensure that patients are not put at risk from these ill-conceived planned job cuts.

This Scrooge like behaviour by Sodexo is to carry out consultation and selections for redundancy over the festive period. Not exactly what you would hope in Santa’s sack is it, your P45.”


Contact: Gary Palmer, GMB Organiser on  01273 570 126  or 07552165950.  GMB Press Office 07921 289 880 or 07974 251823

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