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About GMB and Politics

Politics has always flowed through GMB because we know that politics is really everyday life. From how much you’re paid to what rights you have when you get to work, to the cost of childcare or even how late the pub stays open – it all comes back to a political decision someone, somewhere has made.

GMB’s Political Department exists to help our members understand how politics influences our lives and in turn to influence politics to deliver positive change for us, our families and our communities.

The General Election on 8th June was called for party politics reasons by a Prime Minister who wanted a blank cheque to run our country and barely went through the motions of an election campaign. The result is a Conservative party that is humiliated, only in power through a backroom deal with the DUP. We know that this government will offer nothing to GMB members except for more cuts, attacks on pay, workplace and trade union rights, and a blind eye to our economy moving ever more towards low pay and precarious work.

In this context, GMB believes it is as important as ever that members are involved in politics. We want more of you, our members, to get active in your branches and communities and any help and support you need to this, just get in touch with either us or your Regional Political Officer whose details are contained in these pages.

GMB will continue to support the Labour Party as the party that best represents our policies, we will continue to provide political education for new shop stewards and run political awareness courses in regions when asked to do so. We also continue to offer training and support for GMB members who aspire to become elected representatives in whatever capacity and in whatever political institution. Find out more here.

We will work with all our elected representatives to support and promote GMB policies.

At our Congress in 2012, GMB passed a political strategy to help politics – and the Labour Party – look and sound more like the people it represents. You can read the political strategy passed at our congress in additional resources at the bottom of the page.

GMB also runs a Labour Councillor Network which supports GMB members who are Labour councillors to share best practice from around the country.  

You can sign up to the Network by emailing your name, membership number, elected Local Authority to

On our political pages you can find information about national and regional political teams, information about how to get more politically involved and information about how GMB works with the Labour Party.

You can get involved in our current campaigns.

If you’d like even more information than that, head over to GMB Politics to see more about training courses and action you can take to make GMB’s voice heard with the people we elect to represent us. 



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Additional Resources

CEC Special Political Report 2012

download pdf120Kb (pdf) - 04 November 2015

Political strategy document passed at GMB Congress in 2012