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Councillors Information & Resources

The Councillor Network is designed to keep GMB Councillors up to date on what is happening in Local Government. The Network is developing all the time.  Some Regions have recently held inaugural Councillor Conferences to share Best Practice and link up across the area.

Since the introduction of the CEC Special Political report. The GMB has made considerable progress on increasing our political organising agenda.

The concept of the network was to share best practice amongst our members who were elected Labour Councillors and provide support, training, and any necessary resources to help them in their re-elections and at the same time ensure they promote the GMB politically.

We are now at just over 1500 Councillors and still growing.

We introduced a new website specifically for our Councillors, which includes a set of webpages visible only to GMB Labour Councillors.

This facility also allowed the Union to communicate directly with all our Councillors at short notice and get feedback on Local Government issues.

We recently used the network to communicate in the Blacklisting Campaign which encouraged many Councils to agree Council Motions to which they passed as Council Policy.

More recently we have introduced a scheme where our Councillors can apply to their regions via the Councillor’s network for an election support grant of anything up to a maximum payment of £500 which has been a help to Councillors in some regions. To apply for the grant please complete and submit the application form here:

The Councillors Network also just signed up to a dedicated “Twitter” account @GMBCouncillors which will be another benefit in communication. The GMB will be moving into the age of modern technology by building Councillors profiles by specialised computer software like NationBuilder which will add great value to GMB Councillors campaigns.

The GMB Investment in the Councillors network was well received by our Councillors, and we will continue to look at ways to continue to improve for the benefit of our members.

A copy of the  CEC Special Political Report can be found in additional resources at the bottom of the page.

GMB Local Government Bulletins

Our National Officers regularly produce Bulletins on issues affecting Local Government and employees copies of these can be seen below in additional resources.  If you need copies of previous bulletins, please do get in touch at:


LRD Payline and LRD Fact Sheets

All GMB members have FREE access to LRD Publications and LRD PayLine, there is a password free link below

To use, login to     LRD Publications and Fact Sheets or LRD PayLine

User Name               gmb

Password                 wtem89

Social Media

You can follow us on Twitter @GMBCouncillors

You can like us on Facebook at Team GMB — Campaigning for Labour


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Additional Resources

LG Bulletin: P9-16

download pdf236Kb (pdf) - 16 May 2016

Pay Deal Finally Agreed

LG Bulletin: P8-16

download pdf145Kb (pdf) - 12 May 2016

More delays to the pay increase for Local Government, Schools & Most Academies

LG Bulletin: P7-16

download pdf170Kb (pdf) - 28 April 2016

P7-16-Pay Update for All Craft Mbrs covered by Red Book JNC etc-27Apr16 - v2.pdf

LG Bulletin: P6-16

download pdf0Kb (pdf) - 12 April 2016

Increase for Staff in LG and most Academies and Schools delayed

LG Bulletin: P5-16

download pdf148Kb (pdf) - 21 March 2016

TU Side disagreement over 2yr pay deal-18 Mar2016.pdf

LG: Bulletin P4-16

download pdf146Kb (pdf) - 15 March 2016

GMB Members in LG & Schools vote Yes to 2 year Pay Offer

LG Bulletin: P3-16

download pdf250Kb (pdf) - 15 February 2016

Local Government & Schools Pay Ballot of all GMB members opens

LG Bulletin: P2-16

download pdf315Kb (pdf) - 27 January 2016

GMB to commence briefings & consultation on 2016-2018 pay offer

LG Bulletin: P1-16

download pdf144Kb (pdf) - 08 January 2016

Pay Negotiations Update

LG Bulletin: P10-15

download pdf168Kb (pdf) - 15 December 2015

Two Year Pay Offer on Table

LG Bulletin: P9-15

download pdf149Kb (pdf) - 10 December 2015

Pay Update Statement on behalf of NJC TU Side

LG Bulletin: P8-15

download pdf144Kb (pdf) - 13 November 2015

Employers delay LG pay talks

LG Bulletin: P7-15

download pdf150Kb (pdf) - 14 October 2015

Pay Talks Underway

LG Bulletin: P-6-15

download pdf139Kb (pdf) - 18 September 2015

Final Stage of two year pay deal now due

LG Bulletin: P5-15

download pdf149Kb (pdf) - 05 June 2015

LG and School Staff - New Pay Campaign Underway

LG Bulletin: P4-15

download pdf165Kb (pdf) - 24 April 2015

GMB kicks off new LG pay campaign

LG Bulletin: P3-15

download pdf142Kb (pdf) - 10 April 2015

Lab promises to bring in Nat Pay & Cond for Sch Supprt Staff

LG Bulletin: P2-15

download pdf412Kb (pdf) - 12 March 2015

Pay 2016 - Pay Campgn for LA & Schools starts now

LG Bulletin: P1-15

download pdf143Kb (pdf) - 09 February 2015

New LGPS Contribution Levels from Apr 15

CEC Special Political Report

download pdf120Kb (pdf) - 06 June 2012

CEC Special Political Report