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GMB and Labour

GMB was there, with the Labour Party, from the very beginning. Politics is in its DNA.

The union helped to create the party, in 1893, and sought – like no other union at that time – to entwine a political, and avowedly Socialist agenda, with the industrial. The union understood that working people needed a party of their own to represent their own interests, and to fight their own corner.


As a GMB member you can join the Labour Party for only £1.96 a month.

The best way to make sure the Labour Party reflects the needs and wants of working people is to join and have your say. Thousands of GMB members are also members of the Labour Party – will you join them? You can join the Labour Party immediately online now by clicking here

Once you have joined the Labour Party you can start changing its policies to reflect the things that you believe need to be done to make things better for the ordinary working people and GMB members in the UK.

If you don’t want to become a full member of the Labour Party, you can become an affiliated supporter for free, click here to sign up


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