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About GMB in Europe

GMB is unique in being the only British trade union, and one of a handful of pioneer unions at European level, with a permanent office in Brussels.

As the crisis continues and the European Social Model comes under increasing threat with EU Governments putting labour market flexibility above workers' rights, it is vital that European trade unions work together at European level to protect and promote our social Europe.

The purpose of the GMB European Office is to influence European legislation and initiatives to the benefit of our members and their families, and provide them with greater rights, protection and opportunities in their work and lives. The office provides support and assistance to our members and officers in all our regions, and across all our industries and services.

Being at the heart of Europe's decision-making centre, GMB has developed a large network of contacts in the European Commission, European Parliament, Council, European Economic and Social Committee and other related institutions and organisations. We also work very closely with our EU trade union colleagues in the EU sector federations as well as with ETUC and ITUC.

The GMB European Office is very successful in gaining European funding to support a large number of training and information projects directly involving and supporting our members. This gives our members valuable opportunities to share experiences with trade union colleagues from other European countries.

Through the services we are able to provide at European level, we hope to protect and promote the rights of our members, persuade non-members to join GMB, and encourage employers to recognise and negotiate with our Union in the knowledge that we are an influential organisation in Europe.

The GMB European Office produces a monthly EU News bulletin summarising relevant developments at European level and our activities. Click here for the latest GMB European News. 

The GMB European office is located right at the heart of the major European Union Institutions in Brussels and is used regularly by GMB delegations and for meetings with our European trade union colleagues. Directions to GMB European Office.


GMB also has a branch for members working in Brussels, which is tied to GMB Southern Region.

More information can be found on the branch website:

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