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About European Policy Issues

European Policy Issues

GMB is a campaigning trade union. Our members are increasingly affected by globalisation and European and International level decision-making. To fully promote and protect the rights and opportunities of our members, we need to actively represent them at local, regional, national, European and International level.

GMB is at the forefront of the European trade union campaign to balance the social and economic dimensions of Europe and ensure a future for our European Social Model, which – though under threat – remains Europe's proudest and most popular achievement. Over the years, workers in Britain and across Europe have benefitted from a raft of social and employment rights from the EU such as: Health and Safety, Equal Pay and Equal Treatment, Temporary Agency Workers rights, Part-Time and Fixed-Term Workers rights, TUPE (transfer of undertakings protection of employees), protection in Collective Redundancies, and Information and Consultation rights at European and national level.

Through our work with European and International policy makers and our trade union colleagues, GMB has worked to shape these laws and policies to try to achieve the maximum benefits and protection possible for our members and their families.

The GMB European Office researches and influences European laws and initiatives to protect and benefit our members and their families, providing them with greater rights, protections and opportunities in their work and family lives. As well as more detailed GMB European Briefings on specific policy issues, we produce the GMB European News monthly round up of relevant European and International policy and trade union news.

For further information on our European policy work, please click on the links in the left hand column or contact the GMB European Office:

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