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GMB@Work for a Social Europe

Many of the workplace rights and protections GMB members currently enjoy in the UK come from European legislation.

More recently, there has been a diminishing focus and commitment on social Europe from the European Commission and several EU Member States and outright opposition from the UK Government.

GMB works tirelessly to redress the imbalances in the economic and social dimensions of Europe and to develop further rights and protections for GMB members, their families, and for workers around the world.

GMB@work in Europe to ensure:

  • Temporary Agency Workers are given equal treatment rights comparable with permanent staff and are protected from exploitation
  • Working time rights, so that workers do not have to work excessive hours, and have adequate holidays and rest periods
  • The Charter for Fundamental Rights – which sets out EU citizens’ civil, political and social rights – applies to all EU workers in its entirety
  • Equal treatment in pay and conditions, including strong protections for posted workers and measures to prevent social dumping
  • Public procurement maximises the scope to ensure good social, eployment and environmental outcomes, not the lowest price only
  • Collective bargaining & industrial action – fundamental trade union rights – are not undermined by the EU’s free movement, internal market rules, and austerity measures
  • Decent work & quality jobs – globalisation must not be used as a vehicle to erode labour standards, rights, pay and conditions within and outside the EU
  • Fair wages – workers must be paid a living wage for their work, and enjoy a fair share of the fruits of growth when company profits rise
  • Equal rights, to guarantee disabled people have access to quality jobs, that women have equal pay and that workers are protected from discrimination due to their age, disability, gender, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or caring responsibilities
  • Health & Safety at work – workers must be properly protected in all respects, for example by treating third party violence as a health & safety issue
  • Information & consultation rights, so that workers are informed about and have a say in the decisions that affect their jobs and working conditions, for example through effective European Works Councils
  • International solidarity and that the EU plays its part in guaranteeing respect for labour standards and trade union rights around the world
  • Private Equity and proper regulation to prevent asset stripping and the erosion of workers’ terms and conditions and jobs
  • Pensions, so that workers receive a decent income and dignity in retirement
  • Public & health services of a high quality and accessible to all irrespective of income or means
  • Reconciliation of work and family life, to allow all workers to successfully combine their family and private life with their work commitments
  • Blacklisting is banned across the EU — a criminal act which has robbed thousands of trade union and health and safety reps of work, dignity and a secure family life
  • Victims and their families receive the support no matter where in the EU they fall victim, and that they are assured a voice in getting justice
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GMB Briefing - A European Pillar on Social Rights

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GMB briefing on European Commission proposals for a new European Pillar of Social Rights, whose stated aim is to help reaffirm, promote and improve employment and social rights and protections across the EU.