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GMB Regions

map of GMB Regions
Key for Map of GMB Regions
GMB's 9 regions enjoy considerable autonomy and their makeup reflects the traditions and industrial mix of the areas they represent. As well as providing support to members, reps and branches, Regions also oversee the payment of benefits and provide a range of professional services covering legal, health and safety, pensions and equality.
There are over 300 full time GMB Regional Organisers. They are experts in negotiation, the issues effecting GMB members in the companies and industries they look after. They have a wealth of valuable experience and knowledge in employment law, pensions and other vital areas of concern to GMB members. Their job is to assist negotiations and to back-up GMB Workplace Organisers and GMB Health & Safety Reps and  GMB Branches and GMB Branch Post Holders.

Each GMB Region has a team of dedicated employees who report to the GMB Regional Secretary. He or she is answerable to their GMB Regional Council for the workings of the GMB Region and its employees. GMB Regional councils are made up of active GMB lay members who are elected each four years service and in turn elect a GMB Regional Committee to oversee the day to day business of the GMB Region.

GMB Regions elect delegates to attend GMB Congress and conferences as well as to sit on GMB national and regional (GMB or affiliated) committees.

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