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Retire From Work Not GMB

You don’t have to give up GMB because you have retired from work. The GMB Retired Members Association (RMA) is just for retired members who want to continue their GMB work, and join thousands of other GMB members who have lots of spare time to organise and be involved in GMB campaigns and activities. To find out whether you qualify for free Life Membership you should apply in writing to your Region

Retired Members Association (RMA) Volunteers Needed

The GMB Retired Members Association (RMA) has had a good 2015. A new constitution sets out the RMA’s aims and objectives. The RMA annual conference set out pensions, care provision, travel and many more issues that effect retired GMB members and that GMB will campaign on. The Tory led coalition government plan to cut, reduce, remove or means test the benefits you have worked all your life for. GMB RMA National Committee will fight every step of the way to protect members’ pensions and services. There has been no greater need than now for you to be involved in the work of the RMA; your help and support is vital with GMB campaigns and demonstrations against cuts in public services and benefits. I am compiling a list of active retired members who want to help, and those that do help, will be eligible for travel costs and subsistence as set out in the GMB Rule Book. If you are willing to help please contact me, Steve Kemp on 07730 898102 or e-mail me at or write to me at GMB, 22 Stephenson Way, London, NW1 2HD with your GMB membership number, your full name, address, phone numbers and email address.

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