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Overview: Public Sector Pay Pinch

Facing 10 years of pay cuts in real terms, our vital public sector workers — nurses, midwives and refuse collectors — have had an average of £9,000 pinched from their pay packets since 2010. And they face losing £4,000 more in the next three years.

Since 2010 public sector workers' wages have been frozen, or have increased below inflation, which means their cost of living is rising faster than their pay, leaving them out of pocket.

The average public sector worker has lost £8,953 in real terms since 2010, and with the Government planning to pursue this pay freeze policy until 2020 they stand to lose £4,073 more (a total of just over £13,000!).

This year we're campaigning to end the public sector pay pinch.

The financial crash wasn’t caused by teaching assistants, council officers or hospital porters. And it’s outrageous that they are still expected to pay the price for the banking crisis over a decade later.

What’s more, real terms cuts to public sector pay aren’t just failing our members. They’re failing everyone who relies on our vital public services.

Full list of campaign resources:

Campaign website

Full research report

Research briefing

Online petition (to sign now)

Print petition (to use in workplaces)

Workplace meeting resource pack (for reps in the workplace)

Pay pinch campaign tailored join form

Selfie boards (print them off and send us a picture on social media)

Infographics for use on social media

Submit a story online form (to tell us how the pay pinch has affected you/your family)


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