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Overview: Uber

Uber - the employment case of the year

GMB represent private hire drivers. We're standing up for members who are being denied basic workers' rights by taking the fight to Uber.

We took our members' cases to an Employment Tribunal to determine whether Uber are acting unlawfully. We won all counts.

GMB found last year that a member working exclusively for Uber received just £5.03 per hour after costs and fees were taken into account, significantly below the national minimum wage. The Tribunal will determine whether Uber drivers should be entitled to receive holiday pay, a guaranteed minimum wage and an entitlement to breaks.

The Tribunal stands to have a huge impact on over 40,000 drivers and even further afield into the entire gig economy. The number of people working from their smart phone, getting jobs through apps has increased rapidly in the last few years. This case could have a huge impact across that entire model of work by making it clear whether people working in that way are entitled to basic rights.

It is the first time that Uber has faced legal action in the UK over whether their drivers are workers or self-employed.

Are you an Uber driver or working in private hire? Join GMB to get support at work and access to legal advice and services:


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