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Why belong to GMB?

Over 610,000 working people in the UK have decided to join GMB. 40,000 of them in the last three years alone. GMB is Britain's quickest growing trade union.

GMB is a campaigning trade union. Its job is to get the best deal for GMB members at work and is committed to building a strong organisation in every GMB workplace, and to help make every workplace safer. Whoever you are, wherever you work: joining GMB is the right decision.

GMB wins over £50 million each year for its members who have been injured or made ill at work. This service is free to GMB members as part of their membership package.

GMB members work in every part of the UK economy doing every type of job imaginable. GMB members are men and women, full and part time, young and old and are made up of a wide and diverse cross section of our society.

Every day of the year GMB Workplace Representatives are solving members' problems and providing expert guidance and advice to members at work on a range of issues including:

  • hours of work
  • pay
  • work life balance
  • job security
  • pensions
  • health & safety
  • legal advice
  • how to deal with bullying and harassment
  • equality at work
  • disciplinary and grievance matters

GMB has almost 20,000 GMB trained Workplace Representatives - members who voluntarily give their time to negotiate, advise and represent work colleagues who are GMB members.

Backing up these GMB Workplace Representatives is a network of full time GMB Organisers and specialists who are experts in the world of work.

You can join GMB instantly online.

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