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GMB Backs Return Of Duty Free

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Union passes motion to bring back tax free shopping at 100th Annual Congress.

GMB has formally backed a return to the duty free shopping at the union’s 100th Annual Congress in Plymouth.

Delegates passed a motion to bring back tax free sales, which would aid job creation, when the UK leaves the EU.

The motion, proposed to congress by Steve Mason from GMB Southern Region, read:

“We respectfully remind you that duty free is not a new phenomena.

“We are not asking you to vote for a new creation.“It has existed for well in excess of half a century.

“For most of the period the UK has been linked to Europe as an economic entity going back to the early 70s, intra-EU duty free has existed.

“The restoration of intra-EU duty free would be a boost to the shipping, ferries, airport, airlines and general tourist industry, and would also be advantageous, for example, to our drinks business and the Scottish Whisky membership.

“This vote is a very serious motion and we wish you to vote on this basis.

“The revenue streams created would help to support route networks and be advantageous to people, businesses and regional economies.”


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