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PM Must Listen To Working People Ahead of Brexit

Monday, July 10, 2017

You can't strengthen your economy while side-lining the those who make things tick says union.

GMB has called on Theresa May to listen to concerns of working people while seeking cross party advice on Brexit.

The Prime Minister is expected to call for support from both sides of the house on the manner of Britain’s exit from the EU.[1]

But GMB says unless Theresa May sits down with trade unions and employers on an industry by industry basis, UK jobs and living standards will be out at risk.

Tim Roache, GMB General  Secretary, said:

"If Theresa May genuinely wants to start listening to others within Brexit negotiations then she should start listening to the working people whose jobs and futures would at risk from a bad deal. 

"Working people and the trade unions they belong to have a lot to contribute to this debate, we're on the front line.

"Workers are already experiencing uncertainty, with a drop in the pound post referendum result and decisions being taken by multinational companies who seem to have little regard for the interests of UK workers or the economy. 

"The Prime Minister went to the country for a mandate on Brexit, she doesn't have one. 

"It's quite right she speaks to all those who have a stake in the outcome - we know the hard Brexit some on her benches are pushing for would be a disaster for jobs and the economy. 

"So if she's now in listening mode, a good starting point would be to listen to working people and the unions that represent them about what sort of economy, rights, industrial strategy and work we want to see."


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