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117 Jobs At Risk At Pratts Luton

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

GMB Pledge To Minimise Job Losses At Pratts Bananas At Luton

GMB will seek talks with Pratts to fully understand whether it is a big retailers like TESCO that are driving this restructuring

GMB, the union for staff at Pratts in Luton responded to the announcement of job losses at the Luton plant. See notes to editors for company statement.

Sue Hackett GMB Regional Officer said "This is terrible news for the workers involved and for Luton's economy. The total possible job losses could be 117

 GMB will seek talks with Pratt to fully understand whether it is a big retailers like TESCO that are driving this restructuring. We will do everything we can to minimise the job losses."


Contact: Sue Hackett 07957 266 094  or 0208 202 8272

Notes to editors

S. H. PRATT ANNOUNCES BUSINESS RESTRUCTURE. As a result of changing market conditions, fruit importer and ripener S. H. Pratt is commencing a business restructure, leading to a reduction in its workforce. A 45 day consultation period will commence on 8 October to look at ways of minimising the impact of this change. During this time, S. H. Pratt will consult with all of the affected employees. Subject to these consultations, the company anticipates that approximately 100 jobs will be lost. S. H. Pratt's Operations Director David Bateman said: "Today's very unfortunate news is no reflection on our employees' excellent work over many years. We're deeply sorry about the effect this will have upon some of our employees and we will do everything possible to support all of our people during this difficult time. "Following the completion of this restructure, our long-term business prospects remain strong. We will continue to be one of Luton's leading employers for many years to come."

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