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GMB Comments On Belgian Support For “Broken” Trade Deal

Friday, October 28, 2016

GMB Comments On Belgian Support For “Broken” Trade Deal

It is time to read Ceta its last rights and move on to an EU and global trade policy that puts people above corporate power grab says GMB

GMB has commented on the news that Belgian political leaders had reached a consensus in support of the Ceta trade deal after the region of Wallonia vetoed the deal ahead of a signing on Thursday.

Ceta was due to be officially signed off by all EU national parliaments this month, paving the way for the deal to enter into force in early 2017. Dismayed that Germany, Austria and France all dropped their initial opposition to the trade agreement, GMB feared it increasingly looked like a done deal.

Tim Roache, GMB General Secretary, said:

“GMB, like many others who fiercely oppose the EU Canada (CETA) and other corrosive trade deals, has been inspired by the David and Goliath spirit shown by Wallonia this week, and is saddened and dismayed that they did not get the support they deserved from the UK and other EU member states who know the dangers of this trade deal, but lack the courage to stand up to corporate power, and act in the public interest.

“Wallonia might have been wrestled in to submission, but grave doubts about these trade deals will not go away. The current model of globalisation and trade policy is broken, and it is time to read the last rites and move on to an EU and global trade policy that puts people above corporate power grab.”

"If Liam Fox and his fellow Brexiteers are to have any credibility they must do what Wallonia couldn't and reject this dreadful deal. If Brexit means Brexit, the government has no mandate to tie us into an EU agreement from which there is no way out. We know that the trade minister condones all the threats the current ceta deal presents to public services, social labour rights and to democracy, and that all of these toxic elements will be transferred with sharper teeth into any post exit trade deals he is cooking up at UK level. The British public needs to be aware of this."


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