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GMB Welcomes Labour £10 An Hour Minimum Wage

Monday, September 26, 2016

GMB Welcomes Labour Commitment To £10 An Hour Minimum Wage

The inequality of the current living wage for under 25s cannot be ignored says GMB

GMB, Britain’s general union, has welcomed proposals from Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer John McDonnell MP for a £10 an hour living wage.

McDonnell said that labour would “charge a new Living Wage Review Body with task of setting it at the level needed for a decent life” and that forecasts suggest that this would be “over £10 per hour.”

David Hamblin, Chair, GMB Young Members said:

“We welcome the Shadow Chancellor's commitment to a £10 an hour living wage. GMB has campaigned for years for a genuine living wage of £10 an hour; an amount that people can actually afford to live and not merely survive.

"Workers’ difficulties keeping up with the cost of living has become a crisis across the country and it’s up to the UK government to ensure that the lowest paid aren’t left behind by the rising costs of rent, bills and essentials that threaten to overwhelm them.

"The Labour government should also ensure that this genuine living wage is a living wage for everyone - we need a fair deal for young workers. Equal work for equal pay is an absolute must and so the inequality of the current living wage for under 25s cannot be ignored. For a young person, the food in their mouth and the roof over their head is no cheaper due to their age."


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