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GMB Comments On Northern Ireland Abortion Debate

Tuesday, June 5, 2018



GMB calls on politicians to trust women with their own lives, bodies and choices.

On the back of the successful referendum result in Ireland, MPs have forced an emergency vote in Westminster to extend abortion rights to women in Northern Ireland. 

GMB Union supports the right of women to make their own choices about their own bodies, after previous trade union research in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland showed that a majority of trade union members support the woman’s right to choose. 

A survey of trade union members carried out in Northern Ireland in 2017, showed that 84% of trade union members in Northern Ireland would support decriminalization [1].

Denise Walker, Senior Organiser for Northern Ireland said: 

“MPs need to step up and support women in Northern Ireland.  Political parties in Northern Ireland are lagging behind public opinion, trade union research indicates that the majority of trade union members support the right of a woman to choose. 

It is wrong and completely unsustainable that abortion remains a criminal offense in Northern Ireland. This is a human rights issue, it’s about women’s health. It’s not about crime and punishment.”


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Notes to editors: 

[1] Abortion as a Workplace Issue, 2016





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