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Blockbuster Amazon Results As Workers Treated like Robots

Friday, April 27, 2018



Global giant must address working conditions after reports of warehouse workers peeing in bottles and facing a culture like ‘prison’.

GMB, the union for Amazon workers, warned today’s blockbuster results for the retail giant are built on treating workers like robots.

Amazon yesterday announced its revenues for the first quarter jumped 43 per cent to £36.7 billion and net income more than doubled to £1.15 billion,

Amazon’s shares pushed above £1,150 making it the world’s second-most valuable company, after Apple. [1]

Thes results come after a former employee claimed workers at a giant Amazon warehouse in Staffordshire have resorted to peeing in bottles because the toilets are too far away,

Undercover investigator James Bloodworth reported workers took the ‘toilet bottle’ option at the huge depot in Rugeley, Staffordshire because they feared losing their job if they took too long visiting the toilet. [2] He has likened the culture to a ‘prison’.

GMB members working at Amazon have described conditions as ‘slave labour’ – they have reported bosses have put them under so much pressure they are scared to go to the toilet. [3]

Meanwhile delivery drivers for Amazon have told how they are forced to deliver 200 parcels a day with no time for toilet breaks – forcing them to urinate into plastic bottles [4].

Earlier this year Amazon delivery firm UK Express recently made a 100% settlement out of court to drivers GMB claimed were falsely self-employed. Some drivers received almost £20,000 in back pay [5].

Mick Rix, GMB National Officer, said:

“As Amazon post these bumper results, it’s about time we removed the packaging to reveal the way its workers say they’re being treated every day.

“This is a company that makes fantastical sums of money, so why do its workers report "hellish” working conditions? Why are they ending up urinating into plastic bottles? It’s inhuman, degrading and demeaning.”

“Amazon can more than afford to provide decent terms and conditions for their workers. Why are they being sold down the river?”

"GMB is here to provide a voice for our members. Companies like Amazon should be treating staff with respect, not treating them like robots.”


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