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Response To Developments In Anti-Semitic Attack

Tuesday, October 30, 2018



In response to developments this afternoon [Tuesday 30 October] that the SNP has suspended the membership of Mr Gareth Wardell, author of the ‘Grousebeater’ blog which directed an anti-semitic attack on GMB Organiser Rhea Wolfson, and also to the apology now issued by West Lothian Councillor Frank Anderson and published in The Herald, GMB Scotland Secretary Gary Smith said:

“The SNP’s suspension of Mr Wardell was the only logical course of action to take. GMB will also be contacting Police Scotland to establish what further action can be taken.

“However, the apology from Councillor Anderson is insufficient in light of the earlier defence of his comments. We believe this is contrived and insincere. He should be sacked from his elected position and his political membership should be suspended.

“As we said earlier, no political party has clean hands on the issue of anti-semitism but nobody should need any reminders that anti-semitism is on the rise and we in GMB are clear that it is absolutely intolerable.

“The Councillor’s position is untenable and if he cannot do the right thing himself then the SNP must take that decision for him.”


Contact: GMB Scotland Communications on 07976 447077.

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