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#£10NOW protest 14 April

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

GMB Protest On 14 April For £10 Living Wage And An End To Zero Hours Contracts At Sites Across The UK

Companies should pay workers £10 an hour and stop the outdated practice of underpaying young workers says GMB.

Young GMB members will demonstrate across the UK tomorrow (Thursday 14th April, 2016), for a real living wage of £10 per hour and an end to zero-hour contracts.

The protest is part of a global day of action for better pay, better hours and better treatment of workers in fast food and other industries, in solidarity with the SEIU, unions in the United States and UK and campaign groups like BFAWU and the Fast Food Workers Alliance.

GMB is also calling on big brands like M&S, Starbucks and Burger King to stop using Select Service Provider UK Ltd (SSP) to run their franchise outlets in UK railway stations, airports and large shopping centres. 9,300 staff across 2,000 SSP outlets have also been paid close to minimum wage, are mostly on zero-hours contracts.

GMB members will attend demos on Thursday 14th April, 2016 at the following times and locations:



Piccadilly Gardens,


M60 1AY

(Organised by GMB North West and Irish young members)



Station Road,



NE63 9UJ

(Organised by GMB Asda A61 Northern region)



Outside McDonald's

10 Stephenson Place,


B2 4PY

(Organised by Birmingham & West Midlands Region)


Nye Bevan Statue on Queen Street,


CF10 2UD

(Organised by Youth Fight for Jobs)


Ross Holden, GMB young members network communications officer, said “The Government must do more to address this crisis of low pay and insecure work. In the UK where age discrimination is ostensibly illegal, it is worrying that those aged under 25 can be paid up to 40% less than their over 25 colleagues for the same work, as a result of the Government's own living wage policy. Even the over 25s rate of £7.20 per hour falls well short of the £10 per hour rate that many need to make ends meet.

This is a 'National Living Wage' that fails to reach the whole nation and those who want a wage they can really live on. As young people and trade unionists, we stand together. Fighting for a fair deal for young workers on the streets, in the workplace and at the ballot box."

Kamaljeet Jandu, GMB National Officer for equality and inclusion, said “Young workers at companies like McDonald's are paid less than older workers doing the same job. GMB is calling for McDonald’s and other companies to pay workers £10 an hour and stop this outdated practice of underpaying young workers.

Not only do they discriminate against young workers they are costing the country millions that could have paid to maintain our schools and hospitals after moving their European headquarters to Switzerland in 2009.”


Contact: Ross Holden on 07814273884 or Kamaljeet Jandu on 07956 237 178 or GMB press office on 07970 863 411 or 07739 182 691



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