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GMB Demands Asda Equal Pay Meeting

Monday, October 17, 2016

GMB Demands Meeting With Asda Top Brass As Equal Pay Victory Hits Headlines

ASDA must urgently address the issue of equal pay, says GMB

GMB, the recognised trade union representing ASDA workers, has today demanded an urgent meeting with senior bosses at the company after the landmark legal ruling on equal pay. On Friday 14 October an Employment Tribunal ruled – in the largest ever private sector equal pay claim – that ASDA shop workers could be compared to those working in distribution. The majority of shop floor workers are women, the majority in distribution are men.

The litigation, which has been run by legal firm Leigh Day, includes a number of GMB members and had been a major area of negotiation between the union and the employer in recent years. 

GMB has now called on ASDA to act urgently or risk further challenges from the union. 

Tim Roache, GMB General Secretary, said: 

"ASDA needs to act now. Over the last three years GMB has repeatedly brought the issue of equal pay to the negotiating table with ASDA bosses, this legal ruling shows we were right to do so and that action needs to be taken immediately."


Contact: Maria Ludkin on 07956 632657 or the GMB press office on or 07958 156846.


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