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Ballot On Police Staffs Pay

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

GMB Members Employed As Police Staff In England And Wales To Be Consulted On 1% Pay Offer For 2013

As the employers were unable to enter into negotiations because of government pay policy a vote to reject the offer carries with it a willingness to undertake industrial action says GMB

GMB members whose pay is set by the Police Staff Council (PSC) for England and Wales are being consulted on the employers pay offer of 1% for 2013/14.

Consultation on the offer will be on the basis of a workplace or police staff branch ballot to ensure the maximum vote possible. The outcome of the ballot should be available after 11th September 2013.

The Trade Union Side submitted on 13 May a claim for a 3% increase for all covered by Police Staff Council from 1 September.  The Employer’s Side responded with a 1% offer, set out in a letter to the Trade Union Side dated 7 June.

The trade union side was determined to ensure that proper negotiations took place on the claim and on the employers’ response. A further meeting was held on 5 August where the employers said that they were unable to make an improved offer.

Sharon Holder, GMB National Officer, said “GMB members will be aware that the Government’s public sector pay policy for 2013 is that public sector workers should receive no more than a 1% pay increase for 2013.

Earlier this year, police officers accepted a 1% pay offer at the Police Negotiating Board.

The claim submitted by the Trade Union side recognised that:

·    most police staff have not received a pay rise since 1 September 2010

·    pay movements elsewhere in the economy were averaging 2.5%

·    retail prices index inflation stood at 3.3% at the time the claim was submitted.

At the meeting held on 5 August, the Employers Side stated that whilst they are not automatically bound by the Government’s public sector pay policy that because police forces are struggling to cope with the current financial settlement, they were unable to make an improved offer.

GMB made the case for an improved pay deal, above 1% on the basis that members were continuing to suffer the brunt of the government’s cuts to police funding by job losses across forces in England and Wales.

However, it was clear that the Employers Side were unable to enter into negotiations to improve the offer, because of the straightjacket of funding and government pay policy.

It is fair to say that negotiations over this year’s pay offer have been extremely limited, if indeed they can be said to have taken place at all.  As a result of this, the Trade Union Side is unable to recommend the offer as the best achievable by negotiation and the offer is, therefore, put out to consultation without any form of recommendation.

However, it is the case that members would need to be prepared to take serious and sustained industrial action to have any chance of improving the offer and this is reflected in the questions we are now putting to members in relation to the offer.

A vote to reject the offer, therefore, carries with it a willingness to undertake industrial action to seek to improve it.


Contact Sharon Holder 07713 508 725 or 0208 947 3131 of GMB press office 07921 289880

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