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Bedfordshire Campaign For Hearing Loops

Friday, February 19, 2016
GMB Member Campaign For Hearing Loops To Be Improved In Bedfordshire Venues To Make Life Easier For The Hard Of Hearing

Hearing loops are often absent altogether, don’t work properly, or staff simply don’t understand how to switch them on or use them says GMB.

GMB member Ken Lynch is running a campaign to improve the quality of hearing loops in public buildings, venues and shops around Sandy in Bedfordshire.

The ‘Let’s Loop Sandy’ campaign is part of a UK-wide initiative by charity Hearing Link called ‘Let’s Loop the UK’ that launched in 2013. The initiative’s aim is to assess hearing loops (also known Induction Loops) in public buildings, venues and shops in the area.

Volunteers are being sought from Sandy to form a group that will help improve the quality and availability of hearing loops in their local community.

Ken Lynch, GMB member and Let’s Loop Sandy group leader, said: “Hearing loops allow people who use hearing aids or cochlear implants to listen more easily, cutting out unwanted background noise and creating a clearer sound. It enables them to participate in everyday activities, with dignity and without stress.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of consistency with hearing loops across the UK. Often, they’re absent altogether, don’t work properly, or staff simply don’t understand how to switch them on or use them.  This leads to hearing aid users losing confidence in this essential technology.

The Let’s Loop Sandy group will be working together with UK-wide charity Hearing Link to create a new listening experience for people using this technology in communities across the UK.

This will be achieved through volunteers auditing venues across the community to check various elements including signage, quality of the hearing loop and encouraging changes with service providers when issues arise.

Let’s help all those who are hard of hearing to enjoy a better quality of life in their community.”


Contact: Ken Lynch 01767 681739  or Warren Kenny on 07843 632394


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