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Bedfordshire Children at Risk

Friday, May 17, 2013

GMB Fears For Vulnerable Children If Fostering And Adoption Changes Go Ahead In Central Bedfordshire & Bedford Borough Councils

GMB believes that this vital service is working well in its present form and rejects the need for change

GMB has raised concerns with Central Bedfordshire and Bedford Borough councils should plans to break up the fostering and adoption service go ahead. GMB consider that it will impact adversely on the most vulnerable children in the area.

GMB believes that this well run and successful vital service is working well in its present form and rejects the need for change.

GMB rejects ending the agreement between the two councils. Bedford Borough will have to build a service structure from nothing whereas Central already has a structure in place.

Martin Foster GMB Beds County Branch Secretary said “Both councils are in a successful service level agreement which is hosted by Central Bedfordshire. GMB has asked for the reasoning behind the plans to end the agreement. Central Bedfordshire has responded and although the GMB is looking at their response we still believe it is the wrong way to go.

GMB is aware that last year Bedford Borough was seeking to reduce the cost of the services. This started consultations with a view to disaggregate the service. GMB understands that this was stopped as Bedford Borough had concerns on how they would continue to deliver the service in Bedford.

Yet again both councils are now talking about disaggregating the fostering and adoption service they share with no idea how the service will look in their councils. There is talk that both councils will provide an in-house service.

It is ironic that a year later they are still no further forward. In fact the councils cannot agree how to disaggregate the staff yet alone how to set up a new fostering and adoption service.  

Again we see the effects cuts are having on the most vulnerable in society.  What is needed here is for two councils to sit down, put their differences aside and have a sensible conversation on how to keep this service going in its present form.”


Contact: Martin Foster, GMB Beds Council Branch Secretary on 0300 300 8280 or 01234-276311 or 07960 957839 or Warren Kenny, GMB Senior Organiser on  07843 632394 of GMB Press Office on 020 7391 6755/56 or 07974 251823 or 07921 289880.

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