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Better Holiday Pay At AGA

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

GMB Negotiate New Holiday Pay Agreement For Members At AGA Rangemaster

This is as much a testament to our onsite representatives’ hard work as the support our members give each other says GMB.

GMB and AGA Rangemaster have negotiated a new holiday pay agreement that will set all holiday pay at a rate that includes all regular payments, including regular overtime, from 1st January 2016.

Discussions at AGA started in late summer 2015 and the final proposal from the company was for the full entitlement of 33 days holiday to start 1st January 2016, which has been ratified by GMB members at the Leamington Spa Site.

According to recent Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) rulings, employers must set the EU mandatory minimum 20 days of holiday pay at a rate that includes regular overtime payments. However, it is not a legal requirement that holiday entitlement above the minimum include overtime payments.

Mohammed Khalik, GMB Senior Organiser, said “This agreement yet again demonstrates that being organised as a workforce under the umbrella of an independent union such as GMB allows you the influence to negotiate an agreement above the minimum legal requirements. 

Most people would agree that the judgement from the EAT was less than fair and I’m pleased that the company recognised this, following discussions lead by our onsite representatives.  This is as much a testament to their hard work as the support our members give to one another.”


Contact: Mohammed Khalik on 07957 265724 or Samantha Jones 07939 874272 or GMB press office on 07970 863411 or 07739 182691


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