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Bolder Gender Pay Rules Needed

Friday, April 7, 2017


New law nothing more than box ticking exercise, according to union.

GMB cautiously welcomes the new gender pay rules – but warns a much bolder approach is needed to close the gap.

A new law coming into force tomorrow will force private companies to publish their gender pay gap – although not until 2018.

At the current rate of 0.2% a year, it will take 47 years for the pay gap to close.

GMB raises the following concerns:

- Firms will not have to publish their gender pay gap figures until 2018. Why such a long delay?

- Employers will not be required to explain why pay gaps exist in their workplaces and what action they will take to narrow them.

- Employers are likely to treat this as a tick-box exercise.

- Failure to comply must result in tough sanctions and fines.

Kamaljeet Jandu, GMB Equality Officer, said:

“This new law is a step in the right direction but goes nowhere near far enough.

“If the Government genuinely wants to close the gap, they must make companies publish their figures this year, force them to explain why there is a gap and take a tough line with employers who don’t take action.

“Women have been waiting centuries to earn equal pay – unless the Government acts now they will be waiting another 50 years.”


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