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May 'asleep at the Wheel' As Bombardier Jobs in Belfast Are Plunged Into Jeopardy

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Union warns of 'hammer blow' to Northern Ireland economy with 14,000 jobs on the line after U.S. ruling.

Ross Murdoch, GMB National Officer said:

"This is a hammer blow to Belfast and risks sending shock waves through Northern Ireland's economy. Theresa May has been asleep at the wheel when she could and should have been fighting to protect these workers. It's high time she woke up.

"Of course it isn’t just the jobs of the 4,500 people directly employed at Bombardier that are now at grave risk. If it falls then the domino effect could wipe out another 9,400 jobs in the supply chain. That’s 14,000 people in Northern Ireland now in jeopardy - and GMB is fighting tirelessly to save our members' livelihoods.

"The Prime Minister went running to Northern Ireland and the DUP when her job security was threatened. Workers in Northern Ireland and beyond are now looking to the Prime Minister to intervene swiftly on the international stage to protect their jobs. 

"We heard lots of hot air in Ottawa and Florence, but now we need action for Belfast's workers and the local economy.»


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