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Brighton Golf Courses Strike

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

GMB Strike At Brighton Golf Courses On July 3rd In Dispute About Up To £4,000 Pay Cut For Green Keepers

GMB Call Upon Mytime Active Management To Return To The Negotiating Table And Look To Settle This Dispute Immediately And Amicably

 GMB has today notified contractor Mytime Active, who manage the Hollingbury Park and Waterhall golf courses for Brighton and Hove City Council, of further dates for industrial action by green keepers.

The second strike by GMB and Unison members will take place on Wednesday July 3rd. These green keepers face pay cuts of up to £4,000 per year as a result of in changes to allowances and weekend enhancements.

Gary Palmer GMB Organiser said “GMB members have taken the decision to walk out for a second time on July 3rd. This is to protect their current pay from a social enterprise employer which is recording record profits as a group.

Striking for workers like the green keepers who can least afford it is a very hard decision and not one our members have taken lightly. But what option do they have to make both the company and City listen to their grievances? Remember they are not striking for a pay rise but to protect their current pay packets.

Mytime Active has recently increased high paid senior management numbers. The company still insist that our members, who are amongst the lowest paid, need to see jobs lost and /or take pay cuts to pay for their local mismanagement of staff and courses.

Social enterprise or not, greedy over paid directors will not be allowed to treat our members and their employees this way. GMB call upon the client Brighton & Hove City Council not to choose this time to sit back and see another of their contractors treat people from the city of Brighton in such a shoddy way.

GMB call upon Mytime Active management to return to the negotiating table and look to settle this dispute immediately and amicably.

A lot of the city local councillors and politicians were quiet over the Cityclean dispute and voters will remember that when the time comes. I hope they don’t choose to take the same course of action again. We ask instead that they contact Mytime Active to make them re-engage with meaningful dialogue to seek a resolution to this matter quickly”


Contact: Mark Turner, GMB Branch Secretary on 07860 787973 or Gary Palmer, GMB Organiser on 07552 164950

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