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Brunel Should Pay Students Living Wage

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

GMB Calls On Brunel University To Pay London Living Wage Of £8.55 Per Hour To Students For Work Previously Done By Permanent Staff

Staff not needed at weekends at appropriate rates of pay as University is quite prepared to exploit its own students by employing them on lower pay says GMB

GMB, the union for university support staff, is calling on Brunel University in Uxbridge to pay students the London Living Wage of £8.55 per hour for carrying out cleaning duties at weekends that have been previously undertaken by full time permanent staff.

Eight GMB members of staff who cleaned and looked after bedrooms at the Brunel University Hotel campus for the past 8 years have been told by their employer, the university itself, that their weekend work will be stopped. The work is being advertised in the University Student Job Shop at a lower rate of pay. 

Brunel is a campus university located on the outskirts of Uxbridge in West London. It is organised into eight constituent academic schools and around 10 research institutes. Brunel has around 15,200 full-time students and 2,500 staff and had a total income of £178.5 million in 2010/11.

Perry Phillips, GMB Organiser, said “The University has confirmed that they no longer require GMB members to work at weekends and pay them appropriate rates of pay.  Instead they are quite prepared to exploit its own students by employing them on lower pay.

This looks like a cheap shot by the University to save money by using students to work as cleaners at weekends. Brunel is exploiting its own students by employing them on lower pay to undertake cleaning tasks that were previously carried out by GMB members on negotiated rates of pay.

The issue here is that if Brunel University no longer want to maintain permanent staff to provide a service on weekends, then Brunel University should at least pay the students a London Living Wage of £8.55 per hour. These students fork out exorbitant tuition fees to attend the University. Paying them properly would go some way to offset fees that were imposed by the coalition Government.”

Contacts: Perry Phillips, GMB Organiser on 07765 867549 or Tony Warr, GMB Senior Organiser on 07710 631336 or GMB Press Office 07921 289880.


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