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Bullying At Stansted 24/7 Cars

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

GMB Investigates Bullying And Harassment Allegations From Members Driving For London Stansted 24/7 Cars

GMB will prepare a full dossier of bullying and harassment cases which GMB will then publish and present to 24/7 Cars management

GMB, the union for professional drivers, has sent out bullying and harassment questionnaires to GMB members working for Stansted Airport’s licensed taxi service provider, 24/7 Cars following reports of  management bullying from members.

GMB is disappointed to the lack of concern from Uttlesford Council when GMB reported these issues. The council is responsible for ensuring that the private hire licenses it issues to Stansted Airport private hire and taxi Operators are given to fit and proper providers. 

Tony Warr, GMB Senior Organiser said, “GMB will prepare a full dossier of bullying and harassment cases which GMB will then publish and present to 24/7 Cars management.

GMB has received reports or bullying and harassment by 24/7 Cars managers. GMB members working as private hire and taxi drivers have been sacked by 24/7 Cars despite having worked for the company for more than 10 years or working out of Stansted Airport for as long. 

Drivers are being charged for faulty magnetic company signage, which falls off of the vehicle door is clearly unfit for purpose and when the drivers question the quality of this signage, they are met with abuse from 24/7 Cars managers and a bill of over £44 each time the faulty signs fall off.

With information coming through of drivers being having illegal deductions made and giving approval under duress for refunds to clientele the feeling of drivers is certainly not of good will.

When GMB approached 24/7, initially to discuss all of these issues, we thought we could make progress but this quickly turned to a confrontational stance from 24/7 Cars.

GMB believes that the questionnaire with find evidence of bullying and harassment and raise even more issues with 24/7 Cars management style and drivers treatment.

Steve Garelick, GMB President for the GMB Professional Drivers Branch, said: “In over 20 years in the profession, as both driver and operator, I have never come across this level of behaviour and issues that have been outlined, which demonstrate a clear disconnect between Management drivers and local licensing authority. 

GMB is keen to meet with management to explore ways of resolving these major issues.  But this can only be achieved if 24/7 Cars management recognises there is a serious problem and culture of bullying, intimidation and harassment within 24/7 Cars.”


Contact: Tony Warr, GMB Senior Organiser on 07710 631336 or Steve Garelick, President of GMB Professional Drivers Branch on 07565 456776.

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