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Bus Driver Sacked After Road Accident

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

GMB Demand Reinstatement Of Sacked Metroline Bus Driver Who Is Off  Work With Broken Neck After Road Accident

The callousness of this sickening decision less than four months after the accident by Metroline has shocked the most experienced negotiators says GMB.

GMB, the union for professional drivers, is demanding that Barnet resident Mr Manelson Chivela is re-instated in his job as a bus driver after being sacked by Metroline because he is still recovering from a road accident that left him with multiple injuries including a broken neck.

On the 11th of May 2015, Mr Chivela suffered multiply injuries including a broken neck, bones in his face,  extensive soft tissue injuries to the left side of his body and bruising all over his body when his motorcycle was hit by two cars as he travelled to work. His crash helmet, which was completely destroyed saved his life.

He was taken by air ambulance, to the Royal London Hospital where he received extensive treatment over six days.

Richard Owen GMB Organiser said “In just over three months after the accident Mr. Chivela was ordered by his employer Metroline to attend a “Medical Capability Hearing” which he did with the help a crutch to help him walk and a neck-brace to support his broken neck.

Mr Chivela medical advisors expect him to make a complete recovery and Metroline’s own Occupational Health report advises the company to support his recovery by offering a phased return and a sedentary role and said that “there is no evidence of permanent incapacity and that medical dismissal would not be relevant currently”.

39 years old Mr Chivela has three children, has worked Metroline since December 2008 and has been described by his managers as “an excellent employee, with a superb attitude to his work”. He has never been disciplined, and has an excellent attendance record.

The callousness of this sickening decision by Metroline has shocked the most experienced negotiators. GMB is appealing against the sacking and is demanding Mr Chivela immediate re-instatement with no loss of pay or terms and conditions of his employment.

For anyone to be summoned into work, in pain, in a neck-brace, and on crutches, for his manager to sit in front of him and ask how he was coping, and whether he had discussed with his family, the possibility of his income being taken away. Then to casually announce that he was sack, is beyond belief.

Clearly, Metroline no longer allow their employees to recover from serious injuries, they simply dismiss them, and try to recruit replacements.

GMB have also been told by Metroline are struggling to recruit drivers. If this is the way they treat loyal, hard-working employees, is that really a surprise?”


Contact: Richard Owen, GMB Organiser on 07974 179285 or GMB Press Office on 07974 251823 or 07921 289880.

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