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Caerphilly Row Over Pay Of Top

Friday, January 18, 2013

GMB to consult members over failure to find resolution to high pay rises for senior officers at Caerphilly Council.

Senior Officers should recognise that these payments cannot be justified in the current economic climate and voluntarily agree to forgo these unacceptable pay increases says GMB.

This is the text of a statement issued on 17th January on chief executive and officer pay rises at Caerphilly Council. See notes to editors for GMB press release on this matter last month.

The trade unions are disappointed that the Labour Group had been unable to fully meet the expectations of our members to rescind the payments made to the Chief Executive and the Chief Officers of Caerphilly Council.  We recognise that there are complex legal issues surrounding this matter and accept that the Labour Group has made significant efforts to find a resolution to the matter which doesn’t potentially involve the Council in prohibitive and significant legal costs.

However we remain of the view the Chief Executive and the Chief Officers concerned should demonstrate real leadership, recognise that these payments cannot be justified in the current economic climate and voluntarily agree to forgo these unacceptable pay increases.

We now need to report the position to our wider membership."

Contact: Kelly Andrews GMB Officer on 07980 753 131 or 029 2049 1260. GMB Press Office 07921 289 880 or 07974 251823.

Notes to editors

Copy of GMB press release of Friday 14th December 2012.


Members are angry and outraged by this 20% pay increase for senior managers at a time when public sector jobs in Wales have fallen by 20,000 since the general election says GMB.

GMB members in Caerphilly are staging a series of protest events in response to the anger and outrage fed back to the GMB Branch Committee meeting on 12th December 2012 over unacceptable Chief Officer pay awards.

The details of the protests are as follows:

Lunch time protest
12.30 p.m. -1.30 p.m.
Monday 17th December
Ty Penallta (main roundabout), Enterprise House (by main building)
Ty Tredomen (main roundabout), Ty Pontllanfraith (main roundabout)
Tir y Berth (by gates), Penmaen depot (by gates)
and Ty Pontygwindy (by main building)

Members and non-members will demonstrate how strongly they feel by supporting protest outside locations listed above. Members need to clock out for the period of the protest. Placards and leaflets will be provided.

Lobby of Labour Group meeting
5pmTuesday 18th December,
Ty Penallta Council Offices.

Members, non-members and the general public will show how strongly they feel about this unacceptable decision at Labour Group meeting. Family and friends and other Council Tax payers are invited to support this lobby.

GMB members will also contact Local Councillors to express anger and outrage and will also lobbying Carl Sargeant, Wales Government Minister the elected MPs, and Assembly Members. This will be followed by a public meeting for public and members in early January 2013. Details oF the other activities will follow in the New Year.

These protests are organised as ONS data, revealed yesterday, show that public sector employment in Wales is down by 20,000 from 351,000 to 331,000 or -6.3% since the general election.

Kelly Andrews GMB officer said “GMB members working for Caerphilly are hard workers. They go above and beyond the call of duty to provide the most efficient service possible to their customers in this current economic climate where they have cut costs and are working with increased duties and less staff.

They are angry and outraged by this 20% pay increase for senior managers at a time when public sector jobs in Waleshave fallen by 20,000 since the general election.

GMB is concerned about the negative image this has given the public. The public are being charged for things like special collections - replacement of bins, recharged for damage to council properties. For them to be told that the chief officers are having such an enormous pay rise can only anger not just the staff but the public. Employees already have the backlash for working for the council and are sometimes subject to derogatory comments - this will only add fuel to the fire so to speak.

Council workers are told that they have to adhere to council policies with regards to equal opportunities. This pay rise totally contradicts any policy that the council has in place.

GMB members feel let down by senior managers and councillors since, while all  have contributed to cutting costs, it is unfair that only top already well paid managers get more while members are on their third year of a pay freeze."


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