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Brave Care Worker Reveals Battle With Depression

Tuesday, April 11, 2017



Jayne challenges those in ‘ivory towers’ to do her job for a week and change their attitude.

A brave GMB care worker has revealed her battle with depression caused by the increasing pressures of her job.

Jayne spoke on BBC Breakfast [1] this morning to highlight the incredible stress placed on care workers thanks to poor working conditions.

The suicide risk for care workers is increasing and is now twice the national average.

Since Jane started in her profession 30 years ago she has been forced to juggle older people with more complex needs, low wages, insecure contracts and less and less time to look after those she is caring for.

Jayne said:

“You go home with a permanent headache, I feel permanently stressed

"You’ve got targets you’ve got to do them.

“Never mind if Doris wants to go to the toilet.

“It’s just rush rush rush.”

Jayne, who is on anti-depressants, added:

“The people in their ivory towers got to sit up and listen and I challenge them to come on shop floor for a week to change their attitude.”

Rehana Azam, GMB National Secretary for Public Services, said:

“It’s time to start investing in the health and wellbeing of care workers.

“It’s time we eroded some of the poor terms and conditions.

“And it’s time to invest in skills and training.”


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Notes to editors:

[1] Care worker suicides in England are on the rise, says ONS

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