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CBI, IOD And BCC Fail Young Unemployed

Monday, September 23, 2013

No Support For Apprenticeships In Skill Shortage Jobs Show CBI, IOD And BCC Have No Plan To Boost Growth With Home Grown Talent

The only reason employers claim there is a shortage of qualified workers is that they have persistently refused to heed calls to train more over the past decade says GMB.

GMB responded to the condemnation by CBI, Institute of Directors (IOD) and British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) of Labour Party policy to insist that employers who seek to recruit skilled workers from outside the EU offer a comparable number of apprenticeships to young workers.

Phil Whitehurst, GMB National Officer, said “It used to be common ground between unions and employers that firms need to train enough craft and other qualified workers for UK industry to be competitive and for us as a nation to earn a living in a highly competitive world.

The reaction of these employer bodies to this proposal shows this is no longer common ground.

The CBI condemned the plan as “red tape” while the IOD said it was “divorced from reality”. BCC said firms “need to be able to choose the talents and resources they need” as if there were no links to training and education that nurtures these talents.

The Migration Advisory Committee advise Government of occupations where there employers have convinced them that there is a shortage of labour in the UK and employers are free to look outside EU to fill the jobs. See notes to editors for the 40 areas on  current list from April 2013.

On that list are nurses, welders and chefs.

For the most part the only reason employers claim there is a shortage of qualified workers is that they have persistently refused to heed calls to train more over the past decade.

For them to deride attempts to induce them to train more young workers shows the extent to which their own interests and that of ordinary families have diverged in this era of globalisation.

With nearly 2.5 million on the dole and nearly one million young workers out of work the bare faced cheek of CBI, IOD and BCC has to be challenged and resisted.

This cack handed response from them gives rise to the question as to the extent to which any of these three bodies actually speak for the employers on the ground who are making a serious effort to train the workforce for the future.

With these responses they show that they have no answers of how to jump start our failing economy with home grown talent".


Contact: Phil Whitehurst 07968 338 810 or 0207 391 6700 or GMB press office 07921  289880 or 07974 251 823

Notes to editors

Jobs where Migration Advisory Committee say there are skills shortages where employers can seek to recruit outside EU.

1)        The following jobs in the decommissioning and waste management areas of the nuclear industry:

a)         managing director

b)         programme director

c)         site director

d)         technical services manager

e)         technical services representative

2)         The following jobs in the electricity transmission and distribution industry:

a)          project manager

b)          site manager

c)           power system engineer

d)           control engineer

e)            protection engineer

f)             design engineer

g)             project engineer

h)             proposals engineer

i)              planning / development engineer

j)             quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) engineer

k)            commissioning engineer

l)             substation electrical engineer

3)             clinical neurophysiologist

4)              the following jobs in the construction-related ground engineering industry:

a)              engineering geologist

b)               hydrogeologist

c)                geophysicist

d)                geotechnical engineer

e)                 tunnelling engineer

f)                  contaminated land specialist

g)                  geoenvironmental specialist

h)                   landfill engineer

5)                   the following jobs in the oil and gas industry:

a)                   geophysicist

b)                   geoscientist

c)                    geologist

d)                    geochemist

e)                   petroleum engineer

f)                     drilling engineer

g)                   completions engineer

h)                   fluids engineer

i)                      reservoir engineer

j)                      offshore and subsea engineer

k)                    control and instrument engineer

l)                      process safety engineer

m)                 wells engineer

n)                   mechanical engineer

o)                   electrical engineer

6)                     nuclear medicine scientist

7)                     radiotherapy physicist

8)                  senior resource geologist and staff geologist in the mining sector

9)                     informatician

10)  bio-informatician

11)  senior mining engineer in the mining sector

12)                 the following jobs in the aerospace industry:

a)                       electrical machine design engineer

b)                       power electronics engineer

c)         manufacturing engineer (process planning)

d)                        aerothermal engineer

e)                        stress engineer

f)                          chief of engineering

g)                        advance tool and fixturing engineer

h)                        manufacturing engineer (purchasing)

13)                 the following jobs in the railway industry:

a)                        signalling design manager

b)                        signalling design engineer

c)                        signalling principles designer

d)                        senior signalling design checker

e)                        signalling design checker

f)                          signalling systems engineer

14)                 the following jobs in the automotive design and manufacturing industry:

a)                   product development engineer

b)                   product design engineer

c)                   specialist electronics engineer

15)                 the following jobs in the electronics system industry:

a)                   integrated circuit design engineer

b)                   integrated circuit test engineer

16)                 chemical engineer

17)                 the following jobs in the decommissioning and waste management areas of the civil nuclear industry:

a)                        operations manager

b)                        decommissioning specialist manager

c)                        project/planning engineer

d)                        radioactive waste manager

e)                        radiological protection advisor

f)                          nuclear safety case engineer

g)                        mechanical design engineer (pressure vehicles)

h)                        piping design engineer

i)                          mechanical design engineer (stress)

j)        thermofluids/process engineer

18)                 the following jobs in visual effects and 2D/3D computer animation for the film, television or video games sectors:

a)         systems engineer

b)                        software developer

c)                        shader writer

d)                        games designer

e)                        animator

f)                          2D supervisor

g)                        3D supervisor

h)                        computer graphics supervisor

i)                          producer

j)                          production manager

k)                        technical director

l)                          visual effects supervisor

m)                     compositing artist

n)                        matte painter

o)                        modeler

p)                        rigger

q)                        stereo artist

r)                         texture artist

19)                 the following jobs in the electronics system industry:

a)                        driver developer

b)                        embedded communications engineer

20)                 consultant in the following specialities:

a)                        emergency medicine

b)                        haematology

c)                        old age psychiatry

21)                 non-consultant, non-training, medical staff post in the following specialities:

a)                        anaesthetics

b)                        general medicine specialities delivering acute care services (intensive care medicine, general internal medicine (acute), emergency medicine (including specialist doctors working in accident and emergency))

c)                        rehabilitation medicine

d)                        psychiatry

22)                 HPC registered diagnostic radiographer

23)                 HPC registered therapeutic radiographer

24)                 sonographer

25)                 specialist nurse working in neonatal intensive care units

26)                 secondary education teachers in the subjects of maths and science (chemistry and physics only)

27)  social worker working in children’s and family services

28)                 nuclear medicine technologist

29)  radiotherapy technologist

30)                 skilled classical ballet or contemporary dancers who meet the standard required by internationally recognised United Kingdom ballet companies (e.g. Birmingham Royal Ballet, English National Ballet, Northern Ballet Theatre, The Royal Ballet and Scottish Ballet). The company must either:

i)              have performed at or been invited to perform at venues of the calibre of the Royal Opera House, Sadler’s Wells or Barbican, either in the United Kingdom or overseas; or

ii)             attract dancers and/or choreographers and other artists from other countries; or

iii)           be endorsed as being internationally recognised by a United Kingdom industry body such as the Arts Councils (of England, Scotland and/or Wales)

31)  skilled orchestral musicians who are leaders, principals, sub-principals or numbered string positions, and who meet the standard required by internationally recognised UK orchestras (including London Symphony Orchestra, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Philharmonia Orchestra and Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)

32)                 high integrity pipe welder where the job requires three or more years’ related on-the-job experience

33)  licensed and military certifying engineer/inspector technician

34)  overhead linesworker, working on high voltage lines that carry at least 275,000 volts

35)                 skilled chef where:

i)              the pay is at least £29,570 per year after deductions for accommodation, meals etc; and

ii)             the job requires five or more years relevant experience in a role of at least equivalent status to the one they are entering; and

iii)           the job is not in either a fast food outlet, a standard fare outlet, or an establishment which provides a take-away service; and

iv)           the job is in one of the following roles:

·       executive chef – limited to one per establishment

·       head chef – limited to one per establishment

·       sous chef – limited to one for every four kitchen staff per establishment

·       specialist chef – limited to one per speciality per establishment

36)  staff working in diagnostics radiology (including magnetic resonance imaging)

37)                 ST3, ST4, ST5 and ST6 trainees in paediatrics or anaesthetics

38)                 SAS staff doctors in paediatrics or anaesthetics

39)                 consultants in paediatrics or anaesthetics

40)  non-consultant, non-training doctors in the specialty obstetrics and gynaecology


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