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GMB Members On Collision Course With Nottingham Council

Thursday, October 6, 2016

GMB Members On Collision Course With Nottingham City Council Over Cuts And Terms And Conditions

Nottingham City Council are determined to make cuts that leave our hardworking members at suffering says GMB

GMB members working for Nottingham City Council – along with members from Unison and Unite – are on course for industrial action against proposals to change pay and terms and conditions for workers at the council.

Along with the removal of bank holiday and overtime premiums – following years of pay freezes at the council – the employer’s policies on things like pay, annual and special leave and grievance and disciplinary procedures are to be made non-contractual leaving them open to change without discussion with the relevant unions.

The council has threatened to dismiss workers and then re-hire them on the new contract if they do not agree to it in the first instance. Union representatives will meet with the council next week to negotiate the changes in attempt to come to a resolution.

Chris Needham, GMB regional organiser, said:

“Attacking the working rights of employees delivering vital frontline public services is always shameful but the fact that this move comes from a Labour council is all the more worrying.

“Removing GMB members’ terms and conditions from their contracts leaves them open to exploitation and puts them at direct risk."

“We have written to all councillors to warn them of the significant impact these proposals will have on employees responsible for caring for elderly, protecting our citizens and keeping our city clean but it seems that Nottingham City Council are determined to make cuts that would leave our hardworking members suffering.

“People cannot continue to sit quietly by and our members are starting to get restless, calling for industrial action in early stages of meetings to oppose the council’s actions. GMB is open to negotiation on these matters and will wait and see if we are able to resolve matters in the coming week.”


Contact: Chris Needham on 07966 327974 or GMB press office on 07958 156846 or

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