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Govt Must Come Clean Over 'Cosy' Uber Relationship

Monday, March 27, 2017

Uber working with government to stack deck a bit rich given they're not huge fans of paying taxes.

The government must come clean over its apparently cosy relationship with Uber, GMB demands.

Revelations suggest bosses of the ride-sharing app enjoyed a close relationship with the Conservative administration in 2015. [1]

GMB, the union for Uber drivers, wants the government to reveal details of the relationship - and reassure members nothing untoward took place.

Last year, GMB won a monumental victory against the company when the Central London Employment Tribunal decided Uber drivers are entitled to receive holiday pay, a guaranteed minimum wage and an entitlement to breaks.

The Tribunal decision will have major implications for over 30,000 drivers in London and across England and Wales and for workers in other occupations. [2]

Maria Ludkin, GMB Legal Director, said:

"GMB Uber Drivers need the government to come clean about its cosy relationship with Uber.

"While our members are on the outside of the Westminster bubble calling for change so that they can make a decent living - enforcement of the minimum wage, basic workplace rights for example - Uber seems to have working with the government to stack the deck, which is a bit rich given they're not huge fans of paying their taxes.

"GMB members had to take Uber to employment tribunal to address the issues our drivers face, we won - and with a damning verdict - but even then Uber won't accept it. They've appealed the decision.

"If Number 10 would like to invite GMB Uber drivers in for tea and biscuits to discuss putting the gig economy on the same even playing field as other similar companies who comply with the law in this country, I'm sure they'd be more than happy to oblige."


[1] Cameron, Osborne, their glamorous chum and the great Uber stitch-up: The disturbing links between No.10 and the online taxi firm as it's revealed one of its major investors now has the ex-Chancellor on its payroll

24 March 2017

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[2] GMB Wins Monumental Victory In Employment Case Against Uber

Friday, October 28, 2016

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