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Danger Of Dispute At Sellafield

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

GMB Warns Of Danger Of Dispute At Sellafield Over Poor Industrial Relations Arising From Union’s Campaign Over Future Of The Site

We will not acquiesce in site being turned into a nuclear graveyard and nuclear dump and government must start talking about a strategy for the nuclear industry in the UK with Sellafield at its centre says GMB

GMB, the union for workers in the nuclear industry, warns that there is a danger of a dispute at Sellafield over the overall poor industrial relations and people management on the site.

GMB members believe that there is a campaign orchestrated by management to end collective bargaining for workers on the site. GMB consider that this arises from the union refusing to acquiesce in Sellafield being turned into a nuclear graveyard and nuclear dump.

Chris Jukes, GMB Senior Organiser, said “There is a management culture of dirty tricks on the site. Having finally forced the company to concede GMB workplace representatives are being derecognised by stealth.

Fresh from recent scandals about the abuse of public money, highlighted by the recent Public Accounts Committee Report, there was now a pernicious management approach backed up by a management in denial. Management are determined to derecognise GMB as a direct result of us successfully campaigning for our members. They want compliant unions on site. All that is going on smacks of a dirty tricks campaign.

Sellafield managers operate a culture where everything is geared to decommissioning on the cheap. There is no vision about the future, about new build, safe storage or reuse. The galling thing is that public money is keeping the site going, keeping top management in good terms and conditions with a good lifestyle at the expense of workers. On the re-grading process managers have spent  £2m of taxpayers money on Consultants.

We are witnessing before our eyes the slow decline of Sellafield at the taxpayer's expense led by management who know no better.

GMB will not go quietly into the night and will use all means at its disposal to ramp up it's campaign. GMB is not going to acquiesce in Sellafield being turned into a nuclear graveyard and nuclear dump.

GMB want government to start talking to us about a proper strategy for the nuclear industry in the UK, with Sellafield at its centre. It is imperative that the NDA and Government stop trying to kick the can down the road and lead the community and workforce by the nose.

GMB want concrete plans for the future of the Sellafield site. Sellafield can be a huge asset for the country with the right strategic plan and leadership.”


Contact: Chris Jukes 07870 176 733 or 0191 233 3930 or GMB press office 07921 289880

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