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Dispute Looms At Rom Limited

Friday, September 9, 2016

Dispute Looms At Rom Limited As Reinforcement Manufacturer Refuses Pay Increase For A Decade

Rom Ltd’s refusal to award a basic pay increase for over ten years is indefensible says GMB

GMB members at Rom Limited in Essex have voted to take industrial action unless the employer offers a pay increase for the first time in ten years.

In an unprecedented vote, 100% of GMB members at the site voted for action after the company rejected a modest pay claim from the union. Rom Ltd claimed it was “not in a position to award a salary increase to hourly paid employees".

Rom Limited is part of Celsa Steel UK produce 1.2 million tonnes of finished product each year, making it the largest producer of reinforcement in Britain.

Parent company Celsa Group produces 10 million tonnes of steel from companies in Spain, UK, Poland, Norway and France.

Michael Ainsley, GMB regional organiser, said “Paltry cost of living increases undervalue the contribution that this workforce makes to their employers.

Failing to take into account the rising cost of living that we all face, leaves our members significantly worse of each year as prices rise alongside a stagnant level of pay.

In 2016 inflation remains high in housing – which affects everyone but especially the poorest. To put this into perspective; a person earning minimum wage would only just be able to afford a one bedroom flat, providing they don’t use power, pay council tax, eat, or wear clothes.

Having gone without an increase in basic pay for over 10 years, our members have shown extraordinary restraint but are now at a point where they've been backed so far into a corner they now have no choice but to fight their way out.

Rom Ltd’s refusal to award a basic pay increase for over a decade is indefensible. The company has shown utter contempt for its workers by forcing them to rely on ever increasing overtime to make ends meetwhich also has worrying health and safety implications.

Our members do not want to take industrial action but are being forced consider what they had thought to be inconceivable in order to defend their families and work-life balance.”


Contact:  Michael Ainsley on 07974 250947 GMB press office on 07358 156846 or

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