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Response To Economist's Trade Union Comments

Wednesday, October 10, 2018



Union criticises Government’s creation of ‘hostile environment’ for worker representation after Bank’s chief economist’s remarks on pay in speech

GMB, Britain’s general union, has responded to comments by Bank of England Chief Economist Andy Haldane on the power of trade unions.

In a speech in London today, the Bank of England Chief Economist argued the historic decline of the role of trade unions in the UK economy has held back British workers’ pay.

Tim Roache, GMB General Secretary said:

"GMB is on target to grow this year, but what the Chief Economist and the Bank of England says is spot on - we know that unionised workforces are paid and treated better than non-unionised.

"The problem is that successive governments - particularly Tory ones - have attacked our ability to organise.

“Even where workers want a trade union, the law makes it very difficult for us to access the workplace. When you add on top of that the increase in insecure working and zero hours contracts, it's harder and harder to enforce the employment rights people do have.

"Government, hand in hand with businesses who care more about the bottom line that their workers, have made and progressed a business model that is deeply rooted in insecurity and low pay.

“Many gig economy companies couldn't function without the exploitative business model, and GMB research has even showed that after Brexit same day and next day delivery will be a thing of the past as migrant workers leave and UK workers refuse to work for the pittance on offer.

"GMB has showed that strong trade unions can make a difference, every day we have wins big and small for our members, but private sector trade union density suffers because of the hostile environment the Government has created for worker representation."


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