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End Body Searches At Warehouse

Monday, June 8, 2015

GMB Scotland Calls For Kilmarnock Company To End Subjecting Workers To Intrusive Body Searches At end Of Shift

This is a disgraceful way for a reputable company to behave and it is hugely humiliating and degrading for all those involved and no way to treat working people says GMB Scotland.

GMB Scotland is demanding that Office Holdings, the company running the high street footwear brands Office and Offspring, end the practice of requiring staff at their Kilmarnock warehouse submit to full body searches at the end of their shifts.

The company require staff to open bags, jackets and empty pockets is a style more appropriate to school children than working people.

GMB Scotland have now written to local MP Alan Brown, asking him to intervene in the matter and urge the company to treat their workforce in a dignified and respectful manner.

Paul Arkinson, GMB Organiser for Office Holdings says “GMB Scotland have raised this matter with the company formally, however Office Holdings are refusing to discuss the issue with the GMB. Instead they are requiring staff to raise the matter individually, increasing the pressure on staff already upset about their working conditions.

I have been contacted by staff who work at Office Holdings in Kilmarnock who have been in tears.  This is a disgraceful way to treat employees and it is hugely humiliating and degrading for all those involved and no way to treat working people.

These are some of the worst working conditions I have come across in recent times.  GMB Scotland wants to engage and work with Office Holdings to improve working conditions for its Members at the Kilmarnock Site, but at the same time this company needs to be informed that the practice of body searching employees is humiliating and unacceptable and needs to stop.”


Contact:  Paul Arkinson on 07801 656 533 or GMB Press Office: 07921 289880 or 07974 251823.

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