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500 Energy Jobs At Risk At Longannet

Monday, March 23, 2015

GMB Calls On UK Government To Protect 500 Jobs And Future Of Scottish Power As Longannet Power Stations Loses Energy Contract

It was only two years ago that we lost Cockenzie power station and now Longannet too is under threat as a direct result of the actions of the UK Government says GMB.

GMB is calling on the UK Government to protect Scottish Power as 500 jobs, including contractors in the supply chain and the knock on effect to suppliers Hunterston Coal station Open Cast Mines numbers come under threat from loss of contract to supply power. (See today’s (23rd March 2015, internal notification to employees at Longannet power station below in Notes to Editors)

Jim Moohan GMB Senior Organiser said, “GMB consider that the UK Government has an obligation to protect the UK economy as it was its decision to open up the UK energy market with the possible result of the loss of many of thousands of UK jobs and existing power stations and producers.

The UK government must be asked to assess if it has achieved its aims and intention in bringing in opening up the energy sector.

The government must protect Scottish Power. It cannot walk away now from its obligations and people who work in the energy sector. We need to retain the skills we have in abundance and the ability to provide power to the UK.

It was only two years ago that we lost Cockenzie power station and now Longannet too is under threat as a direct result of the actions of the UK Government.”


Contact: Jim Moohan, GMB Senior Organiser on 07885 868405 or GMB Press Office on 07974 251823.

Notes to Editors: Internal memo to employees at Longannet Power Station on loss of power contract.

Today, National Grid has announced the results of its competitive tender exercise for a constraint management service in Scotland. This is the end point of 18 months of hard work and negotiations to secure a deal for Longannet. As I outlined at the Scottish Parliament Committee, Longannet was entered into this process and the outcome was critical to the future of the plant.

I can now confirm that we have not been awarded a contract and we are extremely disappointed with National Grid’s decision as ScottishPower submitted a competitive bid that reflected our commitment to protecting the immediate future of Longannet power station.  As we have said previously, today’s decision by National Grid means that, in all likelihood, we will be forced to announce the closure of Longannet by March 2016.

I appreciate that it is a concerning time for all staff and we will do everything in our power to manage this outcome as best we can. Arrangements will be made to begin the consultation with the Generation Partnership Council as soon as possible to discuss the implications for Longannet and its future.

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