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'No Equality Without Workers' Rights'

Tuesday, July 3, 2018


GMB Union celebrates LGBT+ community as Government release equality report, but warns about harassment at work

GMB Union celebrates its LGBT+ members as the Government releases a new equality report, but says real equality is impossible without workers’ rights.

As the capital gears up for London Pride, GMB Union welcomes any action to tackle the bullying, harassment and intimidation people face because they are LGBT+. 

GMB members will be marching in London Pride - in celebration, but also in protest. 

Brian Shaw, Chair of GMB National Equality Forum said: 

“LGBT+ people are more likely to face discrimination, intimidation and harassment.

“It’s heartbreaking that so many people in loving relationships would be scared to hold their partners hand in public.

“Any measures that tackle this and promote genuine equality have to be welcomed, however, as a trade unionist I know that discrimination at work is still rife. 

“More than a third of LGBT+ workers have been harassed or bullied at work, no wonder people don’t feel confident to be ‘out’ in their work lives. 

“Any serious commitment to equality has to involve the world of work - it’s such a big part of people’s lives - if we’re to stamp out bully, harassment and discrimination wherever it may be. 

“This report comes as we get ready to celebrate London Pride.

“That the government is making announcements as we head into our weekend - a protest and celebration that sprang from the Stonewall Riots and has always been a loud and proud voice for equality - shows that as a movement and community when we stand up and speak out, we can and do make change happen.

“We’re not there yet, but we’re making a difference and we’ll never stop fighting.” 


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