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Fat Cat Fyffes Boss Pockets £73million while Mums Sacked

Friday, December 9, 2016

Callous act of profiteering ‘unacceptable face of globalisation’, union claims.

Fyffes' fat cat boss is set to trouser £73million while the company sacks 3,000 workers – mainly women who now can’t afford to feed their children. [1]

David McCann, Executive Chairman of Fyffes, will receive €87.5million as part of a deal that will see the London listed company sold to Japanese corporate giant the Sumitomo Corporation.

Meanwhile, in Honduras, 3,000 mostly women workers have been sacked by Fyffes for joining a trade union in order to pursue legitimate claims relating to unpaid wages and benefits.

Most of them do not even have enough money to feed themselves or their children.

Bert Schouwenburg, GMB International Officer, said:

“If David McCann had an ounce of decency, he would ensure that the women in Honduras, brutally treated by his company, were looked after.

“By their labours, they have made millions for McCann and the other shareholders and, in return, they face starvation.

“Fyffes are the epitome of 21st century capitalism. They exploit their workers, don’t pay taxes and ignore international labour law while simultaneously claiming that they are a model employer by dint of their belonging to the discredited Ethical Trading Initiative.

“They are indeed the unacceptable face of globalisation.”


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