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Last Ditch Talks to Avert Sellafield Firefighters’ Strike Adjourned until next Week

Friday, June 30, 2017


It will take an improved offer to settle this matter which has been unresolved for several years says GMB.

GMB, the union for nuclear workers, said last ditch talks today (30th June 2017) with senior management at Sellafield Limited had been adjourned until Thursday next week.

The talks are the last opportunity to avert a planned strike among Sellafield’s fire-fighters.

After several adjournments, Sellafield Ltd tabled an offer which had already been rejected by the fire-fighters.

Sellafield Management then requested more time 'to reflect’ on their position before further talks at the end of the next week, which GMB agreed to.

GMB members voted two to one in favour of a series of 24 hour strikes starting in July.

The dispute over pay grading has been going on for several years – during which time the fire-fighters have been performing roles above and beyond what they are paid to do – such as paramedic work.

Fire-fighters at Sellafield are considered by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority to be among the best in the country.

Crews at Sellafield work in a fully–fledged fire-fighter role to keep the 10,000 plus workers on site safe.

They are ready to respond immediately to fires and other emergencies – which is vital given the potentially hazardous nature of work on the Sellafield site.

Chris Jukes, GMB Senior Organiser, said:

“Discussions between GMB and Sellafield management took place in a professional and reasonable manner and there were wide ranging discussions about pay.

“However the bottom line is, management made an offer which has already been rejected by our members and it will take an improved offer to settle this matter which has been unresolved for several years.

“GMB agreed to Sellafield’s request for more time and we have adjourned the talks until the end of next week so management can reflect on their offer.”


Contact: Chris Jukes on 07870 176733 or GMB Press Office on 07958 156846 or at

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