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GMB Ballots Members At Major Fast Food Distributor

Thursday, October 13, 2016

GMB Ballots Members At Major Fast Food Distributor For Authorisation Of Industrial Action Over “Derisory" Pay Offer

Logistics provider Bidvest has high profile fast food clients including Burger King, KFC andPret a Manger

GMB, Britain’s general union, will begin balloting members employed by Bidvest Logistics on Friday 14th October over a derisory 0.8% pay increase. The union is recommending that members reject the pay increase and vote to indicate that they are prepared to take industrial action including strikes.

Bidvest Logistics is a UK distribution company with several high profile fast food clients including Pret a Manger, Burger King and KFC. The company had originally offered a 1% rise on basic pay but that number was cut to 0.8% to allow for an increase for drivers’ assistants up to the national living wage of £7.20 per hour.

GMB considers that the company must not use its legal obligation to pay the National living wage as an excuse to lower wage increases. GMB has been attempting to meet with the company since April to try and resolve the situation, but has been met with a series of delays and postponements.

Mick Rix GMB National Officer for Transport and Distribution said:

"The company’s pay offer is an absolute shambles and is an insult to the hard work, and loyalty that our members have given the company. It is no wonder there is a huge turnover of colleagues at sites.

“The company has not handled these negotiations well. Meetings have been postponed due to a managerial merry go round, with people coming in with different ideas, and different excuses at different times."

"They have offered 1%  - which is derisory in itself - they then cut that offer to 0.8% to take out of the many employees pockets and for the company to then subsidise a smaller group of employees on the company’s minimum legal obligations regarding the so-called National Living Wage of £7.20 per hour for those aged 25 and over.”

“My union GMB is not only urging our members to reject the derisory pay offer, we are also urging them to demonstrate their anger towards the company by also voting to take industrial action, including strike action".

Contact: Mick Rix on 07971 268343 or GMB press office at or 07958 156846

Notes to editors

1. Bidvest Logistics is a subsidiary of Bidvest Foodservice Group which is a multinational global player across a number of sectors worldwide, with major interests in Food Distribution. Bidvest Logistics also has a controlling share in PCL, the distribution supplier for Arla Foodservices.

2. Bidvest Logistics has major sites based at Hoddesdon near the M25, Taunton in Somerset, Banbury in Oxfordshire, Royton near Oldham in Lancashire, and Larbert in Scotland, with another site at Trafford Park.

3. Bidvest Logistics has major household name fast food clients and are responsible for the supply and distribution of food stuffs on contracts worth hundreds of millions of pounds, with the likes Pret a Manger, Nando’s, Burger King, KFC, Pizza Express, Ask, ZiZis (part of Gondola), Pizza Hut, Greene king, Hungry Horse, Meet and Eat, Old English Inns, TGI Friday to name a few, and at thousands of locations across the UK. They also supply The Welcome Break motorway Service stations across the UK, as well. They also supply hundreds of independent Public Houses as well.

4. GMB will be balloting members from Friday 14 October 2016 with results expected on Friday 28 October 2016.


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