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Gmb Calls for Action Following Shipbuilding Report

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Union welcomes Sir John Parker’s recommendation to spread work across UK.

GMB has called for investment and action following Sir John Parker’s shipbuilding report.

The industrialist's long awaited document recommended many new Royal Navy vessels should be built in shipyards across the UK.

In addition, Sir John recommended union involvement at every step of the way.

Now GMB is urging the government to act quickly on the report.

Dave Hulse National Officer GMB, said:

“Sir John Parker’s report clearly demonstrates it would be far more productive to share work among companies across the UK to cut build time.

“New ships were being ordered to late, creating a vicious cycle which was depleting the fleet and wasting tax payers’ money.

“We have always supported the proposal to share work across the UK.

“As demonstrated with aircraft carriers, it can and does cut construction time and spread prosperity.

“There is no reason why the Type 31 Naval Frigates cannot be built across the UK shipyards.

“The UK has a proud reputation as a world class producer of ships as well as submarines.

“Along with the Type 31 Frigates there are three support vessels to be ordered.

“There is no reason whatsoever, as John Parker’s report states, that these ships should not be built as part of an alliance such as that set up to deliver the aircraft carriers.

“It's also worth remembering that a great deal of this work will go to areas of the country that have been decimated because of the deliberate policies of previous governments.

“GMB welcome’s Sir John’s recommendation that trade unions be involved at every step of the way.

“We call upon the government to commit to a long term investment for the ship building industry - don't let this report sit on your desk, act now.”


Contact: Dave Hulse on 07971266157 or at

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