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GMB Cambridgeshire NHS Demo

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

GMB Members From Cambridgeshire Community Services Trust To Lobby NHS Clinical Commissioning Group On 4th June In Protest At NHS Contracts Being Put Out To Tender

When SERCO took over in Suffolk it immediately announced plans to cut posts and the fear is that the same would happen here says GMB

GMB, the union for NHS workers, plans to lobby a meeting of the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group meeting on 4th June following the announcement that Serco is targeting the Cambridgeshire Community Services Trust contract now out the tender.

The contract which is worth up to £1billion was put out to tender in April 2013 by the newly formed Clinical Commissioning Group following the failure to attain Foundation Trust status.

The lobby will take place at:

13.00 PM on





PE15 0UG

GMB members work delivering the services that are being tendered. These are listed on procurement website Supply2Health as including “acute, community, long-term care, respite care and community health, dental services; therapies and community support services”.

GMB fears for the future of NHS services if they are transferred to the private sector. GMB is concerned about cuts to the number of jobs and the pay and conditions of the thousands of workers that are employed by the Cambridgeshire Community Services Trust.

Steve Sweeney, GMB Organiser said, 'Tendering up to £1billion of NHS contracts opens the door for the whole scale privatisation of NHS services across Cambridgeshire. This is the policy of the Coalition government coming home to roost.

The government is starving our NHS of funds so that they can make a case that local Trusts are failing and so need to go over to the private sector to 'rescue' them.

But it has been shown time and time again that the private sector model does not produce better value for money spent. The private sector drive for profit and cuts always impacts on jobs and services.

GMB members recognise and welcome the proposals for Cambridgeshire County Council to take some services back in house.

The news that Serco plans to bid for the CCS Trust contract is worrying. When Serco took over the Suffolk contract in October 2012, it almost immediately announced plans to cut posts and the fear is that the same would happen here under the guise of 'efficiency'. What is happening here is happening across the country and it is the very foundations of the NHS that are under threat like never before.

The Clinical Commissioning Group should think very carefully before handing services to the private sector and we urge them to commit to keeping NHS services as publicly run, publicly funded and publicly owned bodies.”


Contact: Steve Sweeney, GMB Organiser on 07703 469403 or Warren Kenny 07843 632 394 or GMB Press Office: 07974 251823 or 07921 289880.

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