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GMB Demo At Home Office Over Tier Two Visa Abuse

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

GMB Hold Demo Outside Home Office Over Inaction On Tier 2 Visa Abuse

Theresa May is talking tough in successive speeches but dragging her feet on action to stop abuse of tier 2 visas, this is gross hypocrisy by Mrs May says GMB

GMB members employed by British Airways staged a picket line and demonstration today (Wednesday 15th June) outside the Home Office against the potential loss of around 800 skilled IT jobs at sites across the UK.

British Airways plans to outsource 800 UK IT jobs to Indian firm Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and a number of other companies. A proportion of British Airways IT functions are already run by TCS and GMB has previously called on the Home Affairs Select Committee to investigate TCS's use of the UK visa system to replace UK workers.

Jobs are at risk at BA’s Waterside Headquarters in Harmondsworth, West London, BA's IT Department in Newcastle, as well as at locations in Manchester, Cardiff and Scotland.

GMB has written to the Home Office several times without response, stating that members employed in the IT department at British Airways are to be replaced with workers recruited in India and flown into the UK on tier 2 visas. In 2014, the number of tier 2 visas has increased by almost a third from 114,127 in 2009 to 151,659.

Mick Rix, GMB National Officer for distribution and transport, said: “The Home Office has had plenty of time to sort out the issue of tier 2 visas. Hundreds of GMB members’ jobs are at risk.

Theresa May is talking tough in successive speeches but dragging her feet on action to stop the abuse of tier 2 visas. Multinationals like British Airways are displacing UK based IT workers with Indian workers by moving jobs from the UK to India. This is gross hypocrisy by Mrs May.

We need the Home Secretary to clamp down on these abuses before it’s too late. GMB is calling on British Airways to think again. Let's keep these jobs, skills and systems in Heathrow. BA’s reward for their colleagues’ loyalty is the sack and to replace them with another company’s cheap labour brought in from abroad on dubious visas.

The total lack of action by the Home Office on the clampdown of abuse of tier 2 visas is disappointing, - that's why we will picket and demonstrate outside the Home Office.”


Contact: Mick Rix 07971 268343; Justin Bowden 07710 631351 GMB press office on 07970 863 411 or 07739 18269


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