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GMB NASUWT Strikes Across The Country

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


As a last resort, GMB members have taken industrial action in Bury St Edmunds, London, Newcastle, Birmingham, Rednal and Exeter 

GMB members working for NASUWT Union have taken strike action at sites acorss the country today [Wednesday October 17, 2018]

Industrial action has taken place at the following locations: [Pictures of pickets attached]

  • Bury St Edmunds
  • London
  • Scotland
  • East Midlands
  • Birmingham
  • Newcastle
  • Rednal
  • Exeter
  • Yorkshire
  • Surrey

Two further strikes will take place on November 5 and November 9 after members voted decisively on a high per turn out [77.6% turnout 87.6% in favour of strike].

The strike is because of changes to the pension scheme and the pay deal which were both imposed without the agreement of our members.

Under the proposals, staff will have to work for 45 years to fund a half salary pension – which compares unfavourably with the accrual rate for the teachers NASUWT represent.

A 3 year pay deal was imposed.  This effectively removed GMB members’ ability            to negotiate a re-opener clause that was triggered in the previous two year pay deal because inflation had outstripped it.

GMB union has consulted closely with members on these proposals.  First via an on line survey, secondly via a consultative ballot and finally via an Industrial Action Ballot.

Each result with a high turnout showed decisive rejection of the proposals and willingness to engage in industrial action.

GMB was informed that the only basis for any further discussion would be for the ‘employer to explain directly to the GMB the outcome of the consultation and the decision of the employer'.

David Warwick, GMB organiser, said: 

“GMB is very disappointed the senior management of the NASUWT are not willing to engage in meaningful discussions to resolve the dispute by making improvements to the proposals on the pay and pension.

“Instead they are quite willing to allow NASUWT employees to take industrial action.

“Meetings have been taking place across the country with GMB members who have expressed their anger and disappointment with the senior management team of the NASUWT.

“As a last resort, GMB members are now taking industrial action to prevent cuts to their pension scheme and to protect their rights to collective bargaining."


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